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A Night out with Oscar That's a wrap!

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Door Prizes:

$100 Gift Certificate from
After Five

Nicole Prior
$50 Gift Certificate from Sharp & Friends

Dorothy Baker
$50 Gift Certificate from Sharp & Friends

Nina Shojania
$50 Spa Certificate from Pink Lime
Holman Wang
Model Car from Brian Jessel Sports Cars

Greg Clark
Model Car from Brian Jessel Sports Cars

If you are a lucky winner please contact Ingrid @ CyberVision to claim your prize. (604) 682-6300
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Oh my Gawd…Oh my Gawd!
Where do I start?…

...I’d like to thank my Mom, my Dad and the Academy for making me the vessel for which party blessings may flow…I want to thank Stephen Nyran of Nyrotic Photography for his support and including me in his terrific pictures…I’d like to thank David Sandford of Beemboy Video Productions for fabulous direction and shooting my best side. I’d like to thank M.A.C. Cosmetics and all their talented make-up artists for making me actually have a best side, as well as the incredibly Kewl team of hair stylists at Pink Lime Cosmopolitan Spa and Salon . I absolutely must thank Samira for being part of this event, I think you are an inspiration …your performance tonight was fantastic, where do you get the energy? Samira is more Tina than Tina, she is “Truly Tina!”

I’m so honored to receive this “Best Dressed Award” and simply wouldn’t have been able to do it without the assistance of the wonderful staff at After Five Tonight they have dressed me in this lovely mauve sequined gown designed by La Rose. There’s been plenty of competition here tonight, as I look around the
room I see many other exquisite gowns by After Five in the audience. Not to mention all the fabulous glitz and glam from Sharp and Friends . I saw Pearl Diamond earlier, she was decked out in a Sharp and Friends rhinestone bra and mini skirt...oh la la…Ladies and gentleman of the Academy there have been so many people who have helped me over the years…hmmmm…and quite a few that haven’t come to think of it…like…my agent, Bob…you’re fired!…and then there’s my acting coach, Mrs. Dumbinski who always believed I should find another career…But I digress, I’m supposed to be thanking people. Thank you Katie Yu…Yu know who you are…thank you Stephanie Saul, Pamela Sing, Izabela Bzymek, thank you Brian Jessel Sports Cars, Melonie of Pizzazz International, Thank you Marilyn Monroe for teaching me Hollywood kisses, thank you Austin Powers for coming to the awards, I know you’re very busy shooting your next film. Thank you Dorian Blinko, who brings a touch of class wherever he goes…special thanks to my Shiatsu massage therapist, Tania, I’ll see you tomorrow at the Shiatsu Massage Company…thank you Bev for helping me Celebrate the Moment, thank you to the Ridge Theatre and Cheryl. Thank you Serge for simply being as fabulous as you are generous…
Well I think I’ve thanked everyone, I could go on but I see I’m getting the ‘sign’…I’ll treasure this little Oscar forever Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you...
Hollywood kisses to everyone!
Cha, Cha, Cha...