About the President

Ingrid Michelle Edmunds

Ingrid Michelle Edmunds
President, CyberVision Marketing & Events.


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Ingrid’s Story

I’ve changed with the times and finally morphed into exactly the position that suits me to a T!

Strangely enough it was a position I had when I was 8!…

I was so lucky to land my first media job in 1983 and after many years in various capacities within the media biz (newspaper, magazine and broadcast), I started my own advertising agency in 1999 specializing in Internet marketing, CyberVision Marketing!

Things were happening, life was good and CyberVision Marketing was taking off.

Then boom! The “Dot Com Bomb”. (Bummer). Things got hard really fast.

Then it got worse. The World Trade Center bombing occurred and everything seemed to stop. People questioned lots, we were nervous of saying and doing the wrong things. People stopped spending, investing slowed and I felt people seemed suspended in all decisions. It hurt a lot of people. It hurt CyberVision Marketing as new accounts retreated, old accounts vanished and receivables became un-collectible.

I didn’t know what to do – so I threw a party.

And it was a GREAT PARTY! People loved it, and what wasn’t to love? I pulled out all the stops.

My philosophy, besides wanting to make people happy, was to positively brand CyberVision and create new business leads. It helped, but a funny thing happened…people kept telling me it was the “best party they had ever been to” and they said, “You should do this for a living”. HA – who knew?

Ever since, I have been throwing parties for a living. It’s perfect, I get to be creative, use all my project management and organizational skills, and it’s all encompassing on the agency services as we’re able to create the whole look and feel of a special event; graphics, copy, invites, advertisements, secure sponsorships, place media buys, write & disseminate press releases, create e-mail campaigns and sometimes even entire websites.

Over the last 11 years I’ve made great relationships with some super-talented people and have created a huge roster of quality contacts for props, décor, special effects, entertainment and so on.

I LOVE creating special events! And then one day my friend Josette asked me, “Why do you love doing it?” That was actually hard to answer without sounding cliché, so I mulled it over seriously and came to the conclusion that I love creating special events because it makes me feel 8 years old again.

When I was 8, my family moved around often. Consequently I was always the ‘new girl’ in school. But I liked making new friends and found I’d have loads playing at my house in no time. Mostly because I would recruit them to help with an event, or join my “in” club of the day. One time we created a haunted house tour so scary I actually got in trouble by one scaredy cats’ Mum. (But I made $3! That’s a lot of Mojos™ ).

I got to be creative, in control, and I admit it, yes bossy. (I’ve been told I’m a bit bossy).

But hey! If you want to get something done and you want a GREAT event, I’m your girl!